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This was recorded around 2010-11, I think, my memory is bad. Right after I got out of the military this band was formed, it was me on drums/moog/tapes, my late schizophrenic best friend from the age of 5 on vocals, and an old friend on bass. It was recorded at Absolute Rehearsal, in Dallas, TX, which closed down during our tenure. That place was one of the nicest, and most spoiling rehearsal rental places I've been in. A bar in the building, pool tables, other games, flat screens, nice couches and lounge areas outside rooms, a lot of great times were had there, but when it came time to drub it out, was when we all put our collective blackest parts of our tortured souls (one schizophrenic, two PTSD sufferers, real bleak shit) through walls of amps and attempted to exorcise demons. As time has passed, we obviously did not succeed. My best friend succumbed to the ills of his schizophrenic delusions, and the whole thing is by far the saddest shit I could have imagined dealing with since coming home from war. I just listened to this recording for the first time today since his passing. I don't remember us being this good. As weird as it is to declare that.

Okay, so check it out. If you can prove to me that you have donated even 50 cents to any mental health research, or actually, just any research, any real philanthropic shit that could actually make lives better before the inevitable environmental collapse kills humans off (if somehow the political apocalypse doesn't get to us first, I will send you an email linking you up to my ongoing progress with Trauma Grief Despair Vol 2, which I have been working on for over a year, and all of it is backed up on dropbox, and I can link you to it, if you just donate 50 cents, so you'll see how I am building 1,987 different 10 minute long tracks that range from subtle electro-acoustic sparseness to full on harsh blast and tons of weirdness inbetween (which, I still have years to go before I'll be finished), you can sample the files and make shit with them yourself if you want, whatever, if going through my ongoing project for the next few years until completion and seeing how I am piecing it together, manipulating things, etc, this is shit I haven't shown many people, if this appeals to you, send me an email and show me a receipt or something of a donation or support to any health research of your choosing, and I'll link you to the folder. Simple as that. HOURS AND HOURS of noise for a small donation.


released July 12, 2017



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