Various Appearances and Recordings (Updated as things become available: most recent update: 25July2017)

by Princess Haultaine III

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'Orange Cat Named Orange Cat' originally appeared on the "First Life" Compilation on the now defunct Fuck Yr Body Up records.

'Untitled' originally released on Side-B of the first tape on Void Castle VC001, that is now sold-out.

'When The Stars Fall Apart' is featured on Snuff American Style's "Dedicated to Death Vol. 1" which is still available from

----You can also contact Brad Santulli to get a copy on tape or CD. Well worth it!!

----There is also a bad ass video Brad made:

'BWD' was a Demo recorded about 5 years ago. It features me and two people I'm not friends with anymore, but I still enjoy the recording enough to keep it around. I removed it from my soundcloud to make more room there for more recent work.

'ASCITES: Live at International Noise Conference: Denton Edition 2016' is featured on PULSE: a benefit compilation on Séverine Records, at this time ASCITES was Princess Haultaine III, Nick Cabrera, and Nathan Golub.

----please purchase this comp here to benefit the victims of the Orlando club massacre:

'I Have Dreams Where I Die And People That Are Close To Me Are Better Off Without Me' was originally released as a split cassette with Michelle on Translucence Records, there might still be copies left here:

'Ennd Glanzïg' is a track I submitted for the comp "Invocation: A Noise Tribute To The Music Of Glenn Danzig" which can be heard in its entirety here:

There are two live recordings which are featured on the Baby Blood bandcamp,

'Prince of Darkness' is a short correspondence collab I did with Sultan M. of Linear B and Zanzibar Snails "fame"

'Acid Bear It' was originally featured on the Hot Knives 2 compilation on the now defunct Fuck Yr Body Up Records

'If You Wanna End The War And Stuff You Gotta Sing Loud' is the first recording under the moniker Ernest Hemingway, a project involving myself and Brad Santulli.

'Solace: The Preternatural Dreams / H.I.N.L.'' is a track from 2014 that I needed to pull from my soundcloud archives to make more room there.

'The Miracle of The Stigmata Congealed, The Scab of The Centuries and The Scars of Experience' is my submission for the 0034 Survey of the great Classwar Karaoke compilations, if you're unaware, all of these comps are well worth checking out, and I couldn't be more honored to be a part of it <3 Bandcamp doesn't want me to link this for some reason, but these comps are free on

'Caerimonia' & 'Phobos/Deimos' were originally released by Fantasy 1 records as the album 'Nyctophilia' in a gorgeous slim DVD case with amazing artwork by Domokos, copies are still available and well worth picking up from them at XIOIX is Princess Haultaine III, Darcy Neal and Lily Taylor

'Dead Knave' was a recording I made shortly after the death of my best friend, who was sometimes referred to as a sneaky knave. I removed it from my soundcloud to make room for newer recordings on there.


released July 25, 2017



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